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More local videos please! Scoop launches app to promote Indonesian video content

By Enricko Lukman, Tech in Asia

When asked what app Indonesians use to watch videos, most of them would say YouTube. E-reader Scoop 1 hopes to change that by launching its own video curation app called Scoop Vee today. The app promotes Indonesian content.

There are four categories within the app: featured, movies, series, and TV channels. Each category has 16 videos so far, including shows like Stand Up Comedy, Models Talk, and Malam Minggu Miko. The videos are nicely sorted. When you click on “Models Talk”, you will get to choose which season and model you want to watch, its synopsis, as well as related content.

Users can also stream live content from Scoop Vee. Right now there’s only two live TV channels: Bloomberg TV Indonesia and Kompas TV, and users can view the programming schedule for both. Scoop Vee can also learn user behavior and recommend related videos based on it.

Justin Lim, product manager of Scoop Vee, says:

Not many apps has been promoting local content compared to foreign contents. Scoop Vee strives to create a more personal yet more social way of enjoying video for both local or foreign production. We hope to translate the same enjoyable experience wherever the users are at, be it riding on a taxi, chilling at a cafe, or relaxing at home. In the coming months, we are looking forward to work with more partners, helping to promote their contents while exploring different range of contents.

Scoop Vee is now available for iPad. The team will launch the Android version soon. I don’t know of many local video curation apps roaming in Indonesia, which means YouTube is still the market leader.

This is Scoop’s second app focusing on a particular type of content. The first one was Scoop News.

You can download Scoop Vee on iOS here.

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