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Madhouse Forms Strategic Partnership with Far EasTone Telecommunications

SHANGHAI, China – May 5th, 2010 – Madhouse Inc., China’s leading mobile advertising network, today announced a strategic partnership with Far EasTone Telecommunications, a leading Taiwanese mobile carrier, to help develop and enable Far EasTone’s cross-carrier mobile internet advertising network in Taiwan.

As part of the partnership, Madhouse has licensed its MadPlatform mobile internet ad serving system to Far EasTone, which will enable targeting by carrier, handset brand, model, and pricing, among other criteria, and supports more advanced options such as targeting by geography, user demographics, payment plans, and other user data. By utilizing MadPlatform, Far EasTone will be able to create a mobile advertising network that will allow advertisers to more precisely target users, help publishers and developers monetize their ad inventory more effectively, and help users see more relevant mobile ads. 

“Far EasTone is committed to driving innovation and excellence in mobile’s ecosystem. Madhouse’s MadPlatform will help us create a cross-operator mobile ad network in Taiwan and utilize advanced ad serving and inventory management capabilities to help monetize inventory on that network,” said Roger Chen, Vice President, Product & Service Incubation & Enabling, of Far EasTone Telecommunications. “In addition to their technological platform, Madhouse’s four years of experience in China and operational know-how have helped us ramp-up our mobile advertising operations much more quickly than would have been otherwise possible.” 

“Our strategic partnership with Far EasTone marks our first MadPlatform partnership outside of Mainland China and forms the cornerstone of our international strategy,” said Joshua Maa, CEO and Founder of Madhouse Inc. “Far EasTone’s adoption of our MadPlatform solution marks a potential new business for Madhouse, and we are glad to see the value of our ad serving technology, and mobile internet advertising in general, being recognized elsewhere in Asia.” 

Founded in 2006, Madhouse is headquartered in Shanghai and operates China’s largest and most intelligent mobile ad network via an in-house mobile advertising platform. Madhouse helps efficiently serve targeted ads for advertisers throughout China and has partnered with numerous agencies to plan and implement groundbreaking mobile marketing campaigns.