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Gobi Team Members Promoted to Partner and Vice President

Mr. Chibo Tang and Mr. Wing Hu are now Partners; Mr. Bill Lou and Mr. Tony Tung are Vice Presidents

Global venture capital firm Gobi Partners announced today that it has promoted two Managing Directors, Wing Hu and Chibo Tang to Partners. Additionally, Investment Director Bill Lou and Senior Associate Tony Tung were promoted to Vice Presidents. 

Wing Hu has been promoted to Partner

Wing joined Gobi in 2011, and is currently managing the firm's Beijing office. Prior to joining the firm, he was a Project Manager at The Martec Group, where he was responsible for managing projects that involved traditional industries such as chemicals and automobiles; he consequently gained a lot of experience in dealing with fine chemicals, new materials and new energy vehicles. Wing has also worked for many Fortune 500 companies, including: Dow Chemical, Henkel, DuPont, Honeywell, and Corning Inc. 

Wing is highly capable of making investment decisions and has excellent management skills. He mainly focuses on seeking potential deals in the cloud computing, big data, fintech, and automotive industries. He has led and/or participated in Gobi's investments in cloud database company Teambition; Autobot; Fenfenriji; iEngine; Jianshu; Yuelin; and Chuangkit. Wing graduated from Shanghai Jiatong University with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. 

Chibo Tang is now Partner at the firm; he was previously Managing Director (HK)

Chibo joined Gobi in 2009 and is managing the Hong Kong office. Before joining the firm, he had already accumulated experience working in various industries. At Monitor Group Asia, he was responsible for providing information on market developments and operational strategies to companies in six countries, including nations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. After that, he became Vice President at Digital Media Group, where he was responsible for corporate management development and investor relations (IR). He subsequently worked at Bosch as Senior Manager of Corporate Strategy (Asia Pacific).

Chibo focuses on investments in the sports, lifestyle, consumer-facing and medical technology sectors. He has a diverse amount of work experience in IR and corporate development and management, and has successfully led and/or participated in Gobi's investments in DayDayCook; Shopline; WeLab; QooApp; GetLinks; Qupital; Aqumon; Prenetics; and Mobrella, as well as others. He graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics. 

Shanghai-based Bill Lou has been promoted to Vice President

Bill Lou joined Gobi in 2015 and works in the firm's Shanghai office. At Gobi, he has led and/or participated in the firm's investments in DTStack; Antwork; Chuangkit; Garden Aquarium; and iPampas. Prior to joining Gobi, Bill was a consultant at Ernst & Young, providing strategic and operation management consulting services to multinational companies in the telecommunications, media, and financial industries. Currently, he focuses on investment opportunities in the enterprise services industry, which include subsectors such as cloud computing, Internet-of-things (IoT), automobiles, and intelligent hardware.  Bill holds a Master's degree in Finance from Tulane University and a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Zhejiang University. 

Hong Kong native Tony Tung is now Vice President at the firm's local office

Tony Tung joined Gobi in 2016, and is working in Hong Kong. He is responsible for the management of the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. Before joining the firm, Tony was a member of a startup team, and even founded some companies that were focusing on the finance and big data spaces; he was responsible for product planning and management, business development, operations, back-end technological development; and UX design, as well as corporate finance and other matters. Tony graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a double Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration (Financial Engineering). 

Michael Zhu, Managing Partner of Gobi said, "Gobi Partners has plenty of expectations for our new Partners and Vice Presidents. These promotions mark the firm's recognition of their individual outstanding work performances. Since our inception, Gobi has always been focused on having "the best in the world" work for us; we have always adhered to the idea of not just seeking out entrepreneurial talents, but also cultivating our own internal investment and management talents. In the future, Gobi will continue to strive to create a work environment that is broadly inclusive and supportive, while also nurturing the internal strength of the team."