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Gobi Partners’ Ken Xu Awarded Top 7 LinkedIn Power Profiles in Venture Capital

On December 15, LinkedIn released its very first LinkedIn Power Profiles for China, showcasing the most viewed user profiles on its platform over the year. Ken Xu, Managing Partner at Gobi Partners, was listed in the Top 7 LinkedIn Power Profiles – Venture Capital list.

Power Profile honourees are not only highly influential in their respective fields, but are also adept at displaying their professional identity and personal brand on LinkedIn.

The “LinkedIn Power Profiles” list acknowledges the most viewed user profiles on LinkedIn’s platform (only users in Mainland China) over the course of the year. The results are based on user data gathered from September 2016 to September 2017. The user’s activity on the platform, including engagement levels and the number of articles they post are also taken into consideration.

The list of LinkedIn Power Profiles has been released in APAC countries including Australia, India, and Singapore for some years now, and is well received. Previous lists have included many well-known politicians and businessmen, who have been active on LinkedIn.

This year’s list was divided into nine categories (CEO, Internet, Technology, Venture Capital, Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Human Resources, and Culture & Entertainment), listing a total of 84 LinkedIn users.