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Alibaba Thailand Netpreneur Training Program open for application



The Alibaba Netpreneur Training Thailand program provides local entrepreneurs and business leaders an opportunity to learn and explore how to harness digital technology to positively transform their businesses and the local economy.

Businesses need to adapt and remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing dynamic markets. Creating a strategy for expansion in the new digital economies can be challenging without the right guidance. As such, Alibaba Business School, in partnership with depa, NIA and Gobi Partners is offering the 10-day program in Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China, for mission-driven, open minded entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to building strong businesses for lasting success.

Alibaba’s journey from startup to international ecosystem supporting millions of consumers and merchants, and the digital transformations Alibaba’s ecosystem partners have recently gone through are applicable to many business owners in Thailand, as many face challenges similar to those Alibaba and its ecosystem partners encountered during its development journey.

Key Benefits for Participants

  • Fundamental understanding of how new technology and the capabilities of a digital economy enable national development.
  • Key insights into the evolution of Alibaba’s ecosystem within a country-wide context, including failures, mistakes, and best practices through sharing’s from Alibaba’s founders and business leaders.
  • Key learnings from traditional businesses from a wide range of industries who recently went through the digital transformation in China.
  • Field trips and interactions with leading businesses within Alibaba’s ecosystem to provide first-hand insights into current innovations.
  • A foundation of strategic thinking that will enable you to make improvements in your own businesses, industries, and ecosystem.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • The training program welcomes founders, co-founders or business owners who are:
  • Mission-driven, passionate about progress in their home country and willing to explore long-term solutions for developing the digital economy.
  • Committed to building strong businesses for lasting success, but also to creating communities that enable experience sharing and others to succeed.
  • Curious, pragmatic, and willing to adapt to the capabilities of new technology in their home countries and tap into the global market.

Enrollment Criteria

  • You MUST be a founder/co-founder or business owner of an officially registered venture that has been in operation for at least 2 years.
  • You MUST provide at least 1 referral in your application (referrals from a partner/organizer are preferred).
  • You MUST provide your official business license when requested during the application process.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders below 45 years old, female entrepreneurs and Thai business owners are strongly encouraged to apply.

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