Class of 2012

Class of 2011

Jessie Yu

Wan Duan

Susana Li

Jimmy Xiang

Jacky Li

Jingjing Feng

Benjamin Garcia

David Cheng

Michael Dong

Angela Liu

Cornelia Ma

RuiYu Qi

Sophie Yu

Sharon Yin

Class of 2010

Class of 2009

Charles Huang

Christina He

Kalian Zhang

Nick Nie

Paul Miyashita

Robin He

Shephard Ji

Stacy Chen

Thomas Zhang

Alfred Li

Anita Zhang

Christine Wan

Echo Liu

Jason Wang

Joan Wang

John Ding

Johnson Jiang

Roy Ren

Soony Tan

Tracy Fu


SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) is a non-profit organization that was established in New York City in 1963, aiming to provide opportunities and fair competition for minority students to excel in the workplace.  Currently, there are offices set up in New York City, London, and Shanghai.  These offices help highly achieving minority students to reach their career goals by providing internships in commercial and financial fields, which can ultimately lead to opportunities for full-time employment.

Over two decades ago, Mr. Thomas G. Tsao, a Harvard University graduate, joined Wall Street through the SEO-USA program.  In 2002, after several years in investment banking, Mr. Tsao moved to China and became a co-founder and managing partner of Gobi Partners.  Mr. Tsao was a big beneficiary of SEO and introduced the program to China in 2006.  He hoped that through the SEO-China program, promising but underserved students in China would also be able to be one step closer to realizing their life and career goals.


Please click the below link to find out how to apply today:

Apply for SEO China.