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Venture Capital Firm Profile: Gobi Partners

Q: Explain Gobi’s investment strategy, and tell us about your global achievements.

A: In 2010, Gobi was the first venture capital firm (from China) to enter the Southeast Asian market. Since then, we have invested in 58 startups; 10% of which we have successfully exited, and 30% of which have raised up-rounds, with an average return of 2x. The firm currently has fully localized teams in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Q: What are the key countries or regions that are being invested in by Gobi, and what sectors do you invest in?

A: The countries and regions that we are paying attention to include Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The key sectors we are investing in are corporate services, E-commerce, fashion, F&B, new media, and online travel agencies.

Q: In terms of the selection process for new investments, how does Gobi rationalize the funding, and what standards does the firm hold to?

A: We act accordingly, depending on the current state of the respective country or region. We also make decisions based on a global perspective, which is also why Gobi is determined to build localized teams for our overseas operations; as for the business model of a startup, we refer to our past investment experience in China.