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Nine Gobi-backed Entrepreneurs are Selected for Hurun’s “30x30 Leading Entrepreneurs” List, 2018

Hurun Research Center recently revealed its “30x30 Leading Entrepreneurs” list for this year, which is aimed at recognizing leading entrepreneurs in China under the age of 30. Nine of Gobi’s portfolio companies were selected, including: 36Kr’s Founder and CEO, Liu ChengCheng; Airwallex’s COO, Lucy Liu; FarmFriend’s Co-founder, Dana Hou; Ruff’s CMO, Tianwei Jing; Teambition’s Founder and CEO, Junyuan Qi; chuangkit.com’s CEO, Baochen Wang; 360zfw’s CEO, Derrick Lv; Black Magic’s President and CEO, Chenxi Ye; and XLOONG’s Founder, Xiaogang Shi. All the winners are from different industries including finance, technology, and lifestyle services.

The list adheres to the principles of an independent, fair, and objective selection process, utilizing Hurun Report’s database for in-depth analysis and a thorough screening of almost 500 eligible startups. This is Hurun Research’s second consecutive year releasing the list; a total of 300 young talents from ten of the biggest industries have made the list for 2018.

Rupert Hoogewerf, the Director and Chief Researcher of Hurun Report said, “Hurun Report has always strived to stimulate the Chinese entrepreneurial spirit by creating a ranking system for different industries. Many investors are maintaining a youthful approach to their investment strategies, and are searching for new faces. These 300 entrepreneurs, which are featured on our list, are exactly the faces those investors have been looking at so far.”

As a technology-driven VC, Gobi knows that the youth are the driving force behind innovation, and that it is the young and unconventional pioneers who are full of passion that will ultimately succeed. Gobi also strongly believes that VCs have the power to change the world, because they encourage people to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. In the future, Gobi will continue to proactively support entrepreneurs in their bid to actualize the growth of their business.

The Gobi-backed Entrepreneurs Featured on Hurun’s “30x30 Leading Entrepreneurs” List, 2018

  • Liu ChengCheng, Founder and CEO of 36Kr – 36Kr is China’s leading media platform for emerging businesses, providing cutting-edge and in-depth business reports.
  • Lucy Liu, COO of Airwallex – Airwallex is a one-stop platform for international payments, foreign exchange, and money transfers. They provide cross-border transaction services and foreign exchange services to businesses and individual customers.
  • Dana Hou, Co-founder of FarmFriend – FarmFriend is an agricultural drone platform that allows customers to order pesticide-spraying services with just one click, which is redefining the agriculture industry.
  • Tianwei Jing, CMO of Ruff – Ruff is an Internet-of-things (IoT) OS that supports JavaScript development and applications.
  • Junyuan Qi, Founder and CEO of Teambition – Teambition is a leading collaboration tool that facilitates the process of sharing and discussing work-related tasks, documents and schedules.
  • Baochen Wang, CEO of chuangkit.com – Chuangkit is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that allows users to create aesthetic images by using their drag-and-drop feature.
  • Derrick Lv, CEO of 360zfw – 360zfw is the first online one-stop center for home improvement work which utilizes the O2O business model. Its platform provides users with a range of services including: interior design, raw materials sourcing, renovation, construction, quality control, furniture sourcing and installation, was well as other necessities.
  • Chenxi Ye, President and CEO of Black Magic – Black Magic is a membership card for a club whose clientele are the privileged and wealthy. The card provides these members with access to a variety of lifestyle services that are available globally through the company’s app.
  • Xiaogang Shi, Founder of XLOONG – XLOONG manufactures AR solutions for businesses and consumers, focusing on the research and development (R&D) of AR and producing items such as smart spectacles. Their products are mostly utilized for remote equipment maintenance and monitoring.